Badges inspire trust and help you identify top performing members of the symbiotic community.

Quickster: members with this badge are among the quickest responders Simbi. Consistently reply in under 4 hours to earn and keep your Quickster badge.

Talented: The talented badge is awarded to gifted members who have offered more than 5 services.

Recruiter: Recruiters are members who have gotten 5 or more people to join Simbi.

Helper: Members with this badge have fulfilled another member’s request.

Veteran: This badge is reserved for experienced members with at least 3 deals.

Simbi Star: This shiny badge is awarded to symbiotic stars with 10 or more deals.

Circulator: The coveted Circulator badge is awarded to members who invigorate the Symbiotic Economy with big spending.

Centurion: This honorable badge is awarded to our most praiseworthy troops — those with 100 deals or more. (100 rewarded upon receipt).

Leaderboard: A true hallmark and rare achievement. Members placing in the top three of the monthly leaderboard can earn Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

Social: This cheerful badge is set aside for members who have attended a Simbi Swap. Interested in hosting or attending local Simbi meetups?

Captain: Chapter Captains are local leaders passionately building a thriving Simbiotic Economy in their hometowns. They are official representatives of Simbi on the ground.